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Hauling Road

In the Law of Roads, roads are divided by public roads and special roads.

Hauling road is a special road which is a facility to support its business interests, in this case it is transporting coal goods from the mining PIT to the PORT location and then transferred to the barge and to the Mother Vessel and so on by transportation using river and sea transportation modes. MNCIU Port has 7 km of hauling roads from the mining PIT.


The scale facility is needed either for, IUP holders, contractors (mining contractors and hauling contractors), also buyers.

By knowing how many coal is transported by a number of Dump Trucks (DT), each party will be able to know how much they have to pay or get paid.

Each DT will be weighed before and after a load, then how many tons of coal has been transported by the DT will be known. The MNCIU facility has a Weighbridge with a capacity of 40 tonnes.

ROM & Coal Stockpile

Between production in the mining pit and sales and transportation, could not be performed simultaneously.

Often, there is lag between the mining production and the time of sale or transportation. This requires a waiting time and automatically requires a temporary storage area for coal, while waiting for the sales time. The area for stacking is called the Stockpile.

There is a technical consequence, if it is too long in a pile, the coal it will decrease in quality, because coal produces heat energy, it can burn itself. In this case it needs special treatment, so that while in the stockpile it does not burn itself and the quality will not be decreased.

Crushing Plant

Several coal buyers require a certain size for easy transportation and optimal utilization according to their factory machines.

So that pure coal material in the form of raw coal from mining pits, needs to be dispart with a certain maximum size before being transported to the barge and this Crushing tool or the process is called crushing.

MNCIU has two Crushing tools, each with a capacity of 500 tons per hour and the size can be adjusted according to client needs or orders.

Barge Loading Conveyor

The function of a port is the transfer process from land transportation (land dimension) to water transportation. The final process from the port is loading the coal onto the barge.

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